Guardians of Liberalian Democracy Act

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The Guardians of Liberalian Democracy Act is a Liberalian Law. It is very important in that it brought about the creation of the Guardian Council.

[edit] The Bill

"The Guardians of Liberalian Democracy AMENDED 12 August 2006

Clause One The Guardian Council of Liberalia will comprise of seven members, four of which will be permanent and three of which will be temporary.

Clause Two The four permanent members of the Guardian Council shall originally be the first three Christmas Revolutionaries and an elected member. If any of the permanent Guardians vacate office, for any reason, another permanent Guardian shall be elected to the vacant seat. The three temporary members shall be elected to office as per the Liberalian Election Bill.

Clause Three The Guardian Council is a body that carries out the functions of the judiciary branch, defined as and when necessary and represents the region along with the Prime Minister as Head of State in matters of domestic and foriegn affairs.

Clause Four Votes by the Guardian Council will require a simple majority."

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